About Us

Midnight Pressure has seen rapid success over a short period of time. In two short years the band has gone from open mics and parking lot gigs, to supporting local talent at The Bluebird Theater. Their success can be easily traced to raw talent, high energy shows, and a great working relationship with the Boulder, CO based band, Kʁʘɳɛɳ. Midnight Pressure will stir your loins with music that is gritty, sexual, and a little dangerous.

The Denver-based band is comprised of five members. The soulful vocals belong to Graham Hartle, a rare talent with a seductive growl. Matt Leeke creams the audience with heart-attack solos and a torrential stage presence. In contrast, longtime composer Richard “Big Dick” Schwering writes methodical solos and enchanting melodies. Dave “The Gravedigger” Morrison (bass) and Andy Austin (drums) drive the band’s raucous energy relentlessly forward.

The quintet finished their first major recording effort – Barefoot & Blistered EP – the spring of 2015 at Violet Recording in Boulder, CO. Building an ever-growing fan-base, Midnight Pressure has performed in several venues around the Denver Metro Area. Most notably, the band has played multiple shows at The Bluebird Theater in Denver as well as The Fox Theater in Boulder. They are dedicated to continue building on their sound and digging deeper into the roots of their inspiration.

Because…Don’s // Barefoot & Blistered EP
  1. Because…Don’s // Barefoot & Blistered EP
  2. How I’ve Loved // Barefoot & Blistered EP
  3. Barefoot & Blistered // Midnight Pressure - Barefoot & Blistered - Single
  4. Have Love, Will Travel // Barefoot & Blistered EP